"Devon maybe very young in age, but not in talent and it’s only a matter of time before the whole world knows it..."

— Kaboom Magazine

"If you're a fan of The Weeknd and Bruno Mars, you're going to enjoy listening to the R&B & pop sounds of newcomer Devon Braxton."

— Talent In Borders

"He brings a unique approach to how he blends the genres of his music together."


"The Neptunes-inspired production and the breathtaking vocal performance are a match made in heaven,"

— Discover NÜ

"Spot on vocals and an undeniable rhythm,"

— LA On Lock

Devon Braxton is an artist with a unique approach to his blend of music. This New Jersey performer found inspiration in a wide variety of musical legends, leading to a diverse and eclectic style that refreshingly defies categories. From the grooves of Prince, the appeal of Michael Jackson and the songwriting genius of Stevie Wonder, his music is a concoction of explosive song-writing, insightful lyricism and hooks that won’t get out of your head so easily!

Ever since he was a child, Devon had been blessed with a talent for music, and growing up, he set out to constantly refine his songwriting and performing skills, bringing his music to the next level. The first time he performed at school in front of a thousand people was scary and daring, as he had never done anything like that before! However, that performance certainly became the first of many, and he is not about to stop anytime soon!